Pairing Wine with Chocolate

Posted on February 12, 2016

Romance… Love…. Attention to details… It’s no wonder why we immediately think wine and chocolate at the mention of Valentine’s Day. Both, an artform painstakingly perfected with time and passion. Today, let’s talk about the best way to pair the two in order to get the most enjoyment out of both delicious food groups.

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Chocolate and Wine

In wine tasting, you’ll note different flavor profiles, such as spice, earthy, woody, caramel, nutty, or herbaceous. In chocolate tasting, again you experience flavor profiles such as spice, floral, fruit, sweetness, or not so sweet. When pairing the two together, you’ll note what each brings out in the other. They should complement each other, not overwhelm.

Our bittersweet chocolates are not too sweet, giving us more freedom to explore pairings with a wider range of wines. Below, we’ve put together some basic recommended pairing combinations you can try with our different lines of chocolates.

Wine pairing graph

Strong Red Wine

Red Wines are normally paired with meats and richly flavored savory foods. True to our rule of thumb, Dark Reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Barolo, and Shiraz pair perfectly with dark chocolates like our Bittersweet & Sea Salt Bar or 81% Cacao Bar. A bold Medium Red, like Merlot, is also a smooth combination with our original sweet and savory chocolate blends.

We’ve also found that Cabernet Sauvignon, with its high tannin content, makes an amazing accessory for our more flavorful products like our Italian-inspired Bon Bons in our Trento Box. The robust overtones of the mint, the caramel, and the melty praline center are brought back down to earth with the earthy, full-bodied traits of the dark-violet Wine.

Medium Red Wine

Going down the list, Pinot Noir and other sweeter Reds are the perfect compliment all of the Poco Dolce favorites, including our Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Caramels, our Sea Salt Toffee Squares, and our Burnt Caramel Tiles. The sweet, buttery center coated with bittersweet chocolate accompanies the sweeter taste of a lighter Red Wine.One surprising versatile pairing wine is a dry Rose - try it with our

One surprising versatile pairing wine is a dry Rose - try it with our Sesame Toffee Tiles!

Dessert Wine

For the adventurous, (this a Poco Dolce Team favorite go-to tip) play around with a sweet dessert wines, such as Orange Muscat, and a wild card like our Smoked Almond & Ghost Chile Salt Tiles, Mayan Chile Bars, or Aztec Chile Tiles and see where it takes you. The perfectly perplexing bittersweet chocolate, with a mildly spicy kick, concerted with an intensely fragrant liquor will blow your mind.


But don’t take our word for it, try for yourself. Print the infographic above (designed by our lovely in-house graphic artist, Taylor), have a go at it, then tell us your thoughts and suggestions on social media. We’d love to hear what you think.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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