Shipping Chocolates During the Summer

Posted on July 31, 2016

Chocolate requires special handling when shipped to areas with warm weather and we're happy to do all the work for you! From our kitchen to your fingertips, we package all our orders to make sure your chocolates are perfect upon arrival. The following video shows the process of how we pack and ship our chocolates, with emphasis on shipping during the Summer months.

Warm Weather Shipping

Poco Dolce ensures that your chocolates are perfect upon arrival. We monitor the temperatures of each location and shipping for every order to you or your gift recipient receive our chocolates in the best condition.

When the weather is too warm to ship as usual (over 75 degrees), we make sure our chocolates are safely secured in an insulated box with additional cold packs to keep the chocolates cool under the summer sun.

To ensure that the ice keeps the chocolates cool enough, all orders are shipped with transit times of no more than 3 Business Days.

We recommend shipping to a>Business Address if you or your recipient will not be home to accept delivery.

If the temperature of the destination is too hot (well over 90 degrees), we might contact you and hold the order until it cools down a bit.

* The best was to store our chocolates is between 60-70 degrees F, avoiding direct sunlight and high humidity.

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Please feel free to contact us at or call us at 415.255.1443 if you have any questions at all about shipping or receiving our chocolates any time of the year.

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