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Poco Dolce Confections was started by Kathy Wiley in 2003.  Within a year, she discovered a passion for creating hand-made chocolates with unique and exciting flavors. Having a focus on savory foods, Kathy experimented by finishing a piece of bittersweet chocolate with a sprinkling of Grey Sea Salt (also known as Sel Gris). Poco Dolce's Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles were born.

The name - Poco Dolce - literally translates from Italian as "not too sweet" or "just a little sweet."  Applying this idea to their products, Poco Dolce's ongoing mission is to stay on the "savory side of sweet."



Run by a ten person team, the utmost attention and care is put into crafting each and every product.  Created in small batches in their San Francisco kitchen, Poco Dolce's gourmet chocolates and confections feature only the finest, all-natural ingredients.  



Poco Dolce always uses blends of GMO-Free chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company. Located just 15 miles south of San Francisco in Burlingame, California, Guittard makes it a point to work directly with their farmers, using cacao beans that are Rainforest Alliance certified and Fair Trade certified.