• http://pocodolce.com/collections/easter/products/olive-oil-bunny
    Olive Oil Bunnies

    Last chance for Olive Oil Bunnies until next year! Bittersweet Chocolate blended with California Olive Oil will have you hopping for joy.

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/easter
    Poco Dolce's Spring and Easter Selection

    Handmade Bunnies, Baskets and Eggs only available for one more week!!

  • Dark Chocolate Bars
    Perfectly Blended Dairy-Free Chocolate Bars

    Crafted with all-natural ingredients like Organic Peanut Butter and California Olive Oil

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/tiles
    Poco Dolce's Signature Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

    Perfecting the Art of Salt and Chocolate since 2003

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