• http://pocodolce.com/collections/easter
    Poco Dolce's Spring and Easter Selection!

    Seasonal Truffles, Bunnies, Eggs, and Baskets for every chocolate lover.

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/tiles
    Poco Dolce's Signature Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

    Perfecting the art of sweet and savory since 2003, Poco Dolce still leads the pack with an incredible combination of dark chocolate and grey sea salt.

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/bon-bons
    Poco Dolce's Truffles and Filled Chocolates

    Handmade in small batches to be incredibly smooth and ridiculously delicious. Check out our St. Paddy's Day Truffles, Raspberry Bunnies, and Champagne & Strawberries Box!

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/toffee-squares
    Toffee Squares in Bittersweet Chocolate

    Experience our signature Toffee with amazing and unique flavors.

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