• http://pocodolce.com/products/mint-snowballs
    Poco Dolce's Cool Mint Snowballs are Back!

    Hand-rolled, Mint-Infused Chocolate Ganache and a light coating of powdered sugar come together to create a smooth melt-away chocolate with the "cool-ness" of winter

  • http://pocodolce.com/products/favorites-basket
    Poco Dolce's Favorites Basket

    Featuring our most popular hand-crafted chocolates from our lines of Toffee Squares, Chocolate Bars, and Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/frontpage/products/popcorn-toffee-squares-8-oz
    The Specialty Food Association's 2014 Gold sofi™ Winner for Outstanding Chocolate

    Fresh air-popped popcorn is folded into our buttery toffee, cut by hand into bite-sized pieces and enrobed in bittersweet chocolate.

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/tiles
    Poco Dolce's Signature Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

    Perfecting the Art of Salt and Chocolate since 2003

  • http://pocodolce.com/collections/toffee-squares
    Toffee Squares in Bittersweet Chocolate

    Experience our signature Toffee with amazing and unique flavors.

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