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    A breath of fresh air...

    Melt away all you troubles with our our heavenly holiday gifts.

    Try our Mint Snowballs made with mint-infused bittersweet chocolate and a light dusting of powdered sugar.

    Available now through the end of winter!

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    The Finest Chocolates, crafted by hand in San Francisco

    Founder Kathy Wiley was named one of North America's Top Ten Chocolatiers in Dessert Professional Magazine!
    Read the article here

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    Poco Dolce's Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

    Perfecting the art of sweet and savory since 2003, Poco Dolce still leads the pack with an incredible combination of dark chocolate and grey sea salt.

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    Enjoy chocolate like a pro...

    Take a look at Poco Dolce's first official blog post to learn the best practices for tasting and comparing chocolates.