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    Indulge in Poco Dolce’s signature Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles with Grey Sea Salt.

    Each dark chocolate Tile is molded one by one with its own unique inclusions, from double-roasted California Almonds, and roasted pumpkins seeds to a "similar to the top of a crème brûlée" Burnt Caramel Toffee!

  • https://pocodolce.com/products/trento-box
    Experience chocolate decadence with the beautiful Trento Box!

    Named after the Capital city of the Italian province of Trentino, the Trento box features three of Poco Dolce's most luxurious chocolates: Sea Salt Caramels, Hazelnut Crisps and Almond Coconut Praline. Each crafted by hand to be smooth and delectable!

  • https://pocodolce.com/products/drinking-chocolate
    Cozy up to a cup of hot cocoa!

    Take a break from the cold with a tin of our decadent Bittersweet Drinking Chocolate. Available in multiple flavors, each whisks perfectly into hot milk or water.

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    The perfect indulgence...

    Perfecting the art of sea salt and dark chocolate with our signature line of Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles since 2003, Poco Dolce chocolates and confections are all handmade and hand-packaged with care in our San Francisco kitchen.