Here at Poco Dolce, we aim to keep our confections on the savory side of sweet, using only enough sugar to enhance flavors but not overpower them. So for your kitchen, we've put together a selection of "poco dolce" (not too sweet) recipes that you can try in your own home.

Most of these recipes are pretty easy to follow, and can be easily adjusted to fit your own skill level - whether you're a novice baker or an expert confectioner. Don't be afraid to improvise and try new things. Making mistakes, after all, is how our popular Burnt Caramel Toffee came to be. We also have a few suggestions to incorporate our chocolate into the mix to create more stimulating flavors and combinations.

Be it chilled chocolate covered strawberries or magnificent homemade macaroons, anything is possible with Poco Dolce.
Don't be afraid to spread the love a little and share these recipes!